Aluminium parallel sliding door SL-1600/S65

Comfortable, reliable and energy saving

Lift-up sliding doors create a spacious feeling in the house, while blending in with the architectural look of the building. At the same time, however, they must also meet the highest energy requirements and provide protection against noise, weather and burglaries. Their flexible design allows you to install lift-up sliding doors with a suitable opening and design solution for each building.

Aluminium sliding doors

Why choose sliding doors made of aluminium?

Bright and spacious room

Sliding doors create space in a room and give it a special feeling. Narrow profiles especially let in as much light as possible and provide an unobstructed view.

Sliding doors made of aluminium also provide a wide range of design options.

High energy efficiency

Thanks to innovative technology, the profile spaces are filled with PUR foam, which helps us to achieve very good thermal insulation.

The result is increased energy efficiency and low energy costs for the sliding doors.

Full weather resistance

Spacious glass surfaces no longer require a compromise in weather resistance! Our doors have passed numerous tests and offer complete certainty and durability in all weather conditions, as well as excellent soundproofing.

Opening and closing

Both manual and electric opening solutions can be ordered for aluminium lift-up sliding doors. Lift-up sliding doors that open and close manually are the most widely used solution. They are easy to operate and install, they move easily and smoothly, and close quietly. This is a common, safe and proven solution!

Electrically opening sliding doors offer even greater convenience, because the electrical solution allows you to connect sliding doors to the smart home system and control their opening and closing via its app. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, our sliding doors have no cables and look elegant.


Aluminium sliding doors give unlimited freedom in design! In addition to the standard colours, you can also choose all shades in the Decoral, NCS and RAL colour charts with all possible degrees of gloss for the door frame, in addition, we can paint the inner and outer surfaces of the profiles in different shades. Thanks to innovative painting technology, we can also finish the profiles with different imitations (eg imitation of wood or concrete).

Parallel sliding door system with minimum profile line SAPA ARTLINE / Ponzio SL2000 GREATVISION