Aluminium windows

Stylish, safe, heat-retaining and maintenance-free

Windows must perform several functions in the room: they let in light and provide a view of the surroundings, but at the same time protect us from the cold in winter and excessive heat in summer, dampen noise and keep away uninvited guests. In all this, windows must blend in with the architecture of the building, which in turn requires a high degree of flexibility from the window manufacturer with regards to the shape, construction and finishing of the windows. Aluminium windows enable you to combine all these requirements, while maintaining almost total freedom of design.

Aluminium window

Why choose aluminium windows

High quality and long life

Aluminium windows are highly resistant to weather, low-maintenance and require only occasional cleaning. The high-quality aluminium windows, manufactured using state-of-the-art technology, will last for decades without losing their original properties.

Significant energy savings

Windows with insufficient insulation lead to high heating bills and energy loss. Modern aluminium windows help to save energy thanks to efficient thermal insulation. Replacing old windows is an excellent investment in the long run and, as an added value, it also adds to the building’s visual appeal.

Wide range of design options

 Whether it is a new building or a building undergoing renovation, aluminium windows offer endless possibilities for designing windows according to the architecture and character of the building. The freedom in design is characterised by minimal profiles, large glass surfaces and maximum view.

Aluminium windows


When compared with other window materials, windows made of aluminium profiles have the longest life. Aluminium windows also have very low maintenance costs: they only need to be cleaned from time to time. Only windows that are used very frequently need to be adjusted slightly, but in other respects they are virtually maintenance-free.


Aluminium gives the windows strength and stability, making it possible to produce large glass surfaces with a narrow profile. We use the highest quality painting technology, which gives the window frame a weatherproof surface and protection from UV rays.