Balcony glazing AF 52

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Folding glazing system for terraces and balconies made of glass-aluminium profiles. Scandinavian-style glazing for balconies and terraces, which helps to protect the balcony from dust, rain, snow and other weather conditions, is becoming increasingly more popular. This increases the heat retention of the building and allows comfortable use of the balcony or terrace as a living space all year round.

A foldable system without vertical profiles is understated and will not affect the architecture of the building. Suitable for installation in both old and new buildings. As a general rule, no permits are required from the city / rural municipality or another state agency.

The main advantages of balcony glazing

  • Increases the heat retention of the building
  • Helps reduce noise
  • Protects your balcony or terrace against dust and harsh weather conditions.
  • Allows the use of the balcony or terrace as an extra room
  • Increases the security of the balcony or building
  • Gives the balcony or terrace an eye-catching exterior
The main advantages of balcony glazing

Technical information

  • We make sliding panels of 8 or 10 mm tempered glass with polished edges
  • Maximum glass panel size 800 × 2700 mm
  • Profiles can be powder coated using the RALor NCS colour chart.
  • Integrated two-point locking for child safety
  • Integrated glass panel clamp to prevent the panels from moving in the open position
  • Hidden rainwater and condensate drains in the profile
  • Stainless steel and polyurethane coated rollers ensure smooth and silent movement
  • The vertical joints between the glazing are sealed with either a weatherproof PVC seal or a special aluminium profile and brush seal
  • Flexible and well-thought-out construction enables the glazing of very complex balconies and terraces
  • Aluminium railing ARS 60 or AFG provided by ADRIAN TRADING OÜ can be used as the lower railing of balcony glazing

How to order balcony glazing?

  • For an initial quote, please send us the approximate dimensions of your balcony or terrace (height and width, if the balcony is under an angle, the width can be described as W: 3000/2000 mm , height symbol H: 1800 mm). If possible, include a picture of the current situation with the quote request.
  • Once we have received your information, we will prepare the most accurate quote possible according to the information received
  • After confirming the initial price offer, we will agree on a suitable time for surveying and develop the best solution.
  • According to the solutions reviewed and agreed to on site, we will prepare working drawings for you to review.
  • After the drawings are confirmed and the advance payment is received, we will commence the work; the delivery and installation time will be agreed upon individually according to your wishes and our capabilities.
  • After the work is carried out and reviewed, the last instalment is issued.

The tests and certificates passed comply with the norms and standards established in the European Union.

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RAL colours

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