Bio-climatic pergola

Expand your indoor space and enjoy outdoor living

The bioclimatic pergola will make your outdoor space cosy and practical. The electrically adjustable roof structure, consisting of rotating slats, with a turning radius of the slats in the range of 0–135°, provides controlled sun blocking, regulated brightness and airflow, as well as effective protection from rain and harsh weather conditions.


Aluminium windows are highly resistant to weather, low-maintenance and require only occasional cleaning. The high-quality aluminium windows, manufactured using state-of-the-art technology, will last for decades without losing their original properties.

Significant energy savings

Windows with insufficient insulation lead to high heating bills and energy loss. Modern aluminium windows help to save energy thanks to efficient thermal insulation. Replacing old windows is an excellent investment in the long run and, as an added value, it also adds to the building’s visual appeal.

Pergola terrace glazing

The range includes two models to choose from

PG 120

6.2 × 4.5 m largest module size
(modules can be connected according to your wishes)

Pergola PG120

PG 160

7.5 × 7.5 m largest module size
(modules can be connected according to your wishes)

Pergola PG160

Do not let the weather make decisions for you!

Electrically adjustable roof structure consisting of rotating slats with a turning radius range of 0–135°

Pergola L1

The adjustment of the roof slats ensures control over sun blocking, brightness and indoor climate.

Pergola L2

Effective protection from rain and harsh weather conditions.

Pergola L3

By maintaining a constant airflow, protection from rain and sun is ensured.

Pergola L4

The sun can shine in.

Pergola L5

Blocking out direct sunlight.

Pergola L6

Water drainage in a horizontal profile.

Pergola L7

Water drainage in the vertical profile.

Pergola FIX
The pergola with fixed slats is a unique solution for blocking sun

Pergola installation options

Its well-thought-out design enables the installation of the pergola in difficult locations.

  • Standalone or wall-mounted
  • Various corner connections
  • Connecting multiple modules
  • The possibility of adding fixed slats
  • Development of structures according to your wishes
  • Possibility of adding horizontal and vertical divisions
Pergola skets

Additional options

LED lights

In the pergola parameter

Pergola LED visible
Pergola LED hidden

Along the slats

Pergola LED slats
Pergola LED slats

Pergola control panels 1–30 groups

Pergola control unit 1
Pergola control unit 2
Pergola control unit 3

In addition, infrared heaters, sound systems and electrical outlets can be installed.

Standard finish option for the pergola

Pergola standard finish