Glass partition without frames

Spacious solution for dividing rooms

Glass partitions are suitable for both commercial and residential premises, making the room spacious and bright. They blend in well with the existing architecture, remaining unnoticed. The walls have a modern look and their minimal framing and bright solution will complement any interior.

Glass partitions provide very flexible installation solutions for dividing rooms. We offer a wide range of fittings and finishing solutions according to the interior design. Glass partitions are generally glazed using single tempered glass or tempered and laminated glass, the choice depends on the dimensions of the glass wall, the required soundproofing and design. For fastening the glass, powder-coated or anodised aluminium profiles are used on the horizontal plane. Black EPDM system-based seals are used between the glass panels and the profile. The vertical joints of the glass panels are filled with transparent silicone or transparent PVC seal.

  • Thickness of the tempered glass is 8–12 mm
  • Thickness of the laminated and tempered glass is 10,76–21,52 mm
  • Maximum module width 1200 mm
  • Maximum module height 3800 mm
Glass partition without frames

The most common types of glasses

Colour range

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